Sunday, January 13, 2008

sunday classique

At a certain point it was necessary for me to construct a language based on a system that would establish a series of conditions to enable me to work in an unanticipated manner and prvoke the unexpected. I wanted to be able to involve myself in a series of working without having to project an outcome while at the same time trying to determine the limits of an idea. When you are rigorously involved with process, you don't concern ydourself with the end result. I decided to write down a list of verbs and enact them as designated activities in relationship to time, place, material, mass, gravity.

The list:
to roll, to crease, to fold, to store, to bend, to shorten, to twist, to dapple, to crumple, to shave, to tear, to chip, to split, to cut, to sever, to drop, to remove, to simplify, to differ, to disarrange, to open, to mix, to splash, to knot, to spell, to droop, to flow, to curve, to lift, to inlay, to impress, to fire, to flood, to smear, to rotate, to swirl, to support, to hook, to suspend, to spread, to hand, to collect-

of tension, of gravity, of entropy, of nature, of grouping, of layering, of felting-

to grasp, to tighten, to bundle, to heap, to gather, to scatter, to arrange, to repair, to discard, to pair, to distribute, to surfeit, to complement, to enclose, to surround, to encircle, to hide, to cover, to wrap, to dig, to tie, to bind, to weave, to join, to match, to laminate, to bond, to hinge, to mark, to expand, to dilute, to light, to modulate, to distill-
of waves, of electromagnetism, of inertia, of ionization, of polarization, of refraction, of simultaneity, of tides, of reflection, of equilibrium, of symmetry, of friction-

to stretch, to bounce, to enrase, to spray, to systemize, to refer, to force-

of mapping, of location, of context, of time, of carbonization-

to continue


Richard Serra " Questions Contradictions Solutions" Gagarin No:15 2007

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