Friday, August 29, 2008

take a look: what's next for medinat weimar?

Shalom friends and supporters,
After a successful launch of the movement, Medinat Weimar the Movement for a Jewish state in Thuringia is busy thinking and planning the next stages we have to take to achieve our goals.
We received hundreds of responses and Media outlets worldwide wrote about the project (Press here for a selected list of internet links of many of the articles, Blog posts and discussion that can be found on the internet). However we still have a lot of work to do, and invite all who support Medinat Weimar, to join us in these next stages help spread our vision. Friends from Montreal , Canada to Pancevo , Serbia contacted us and showed interest in presenting the movement in their cities. We were only happy to send them material and think with them together the best way it should be present. As well, we would be happy to send material, or even come in person, and present and explain our vision and solutions to many problems facing the world to anyone else interested*.
* Clearly we are most interested in presenting the movement in Germany but we are opened to anywhere
The Website has also been updated and is full of great material:
See the Pictures from the Rally & conference that took place in Weimar on the 22nd of June.
Listen online or Download the Medinat Weimar Music Mix,All your favorites from the Rally and the after party,
Watch Psoy Korolenko and Danik Redlick of the The Unternationale who sent their greeting for the establishing events!
And dive and post your remarks to all the texts written referring to the thirteen principles.
Ronen Eidelman
Secretary of Medinat Weimar

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