Saturday, March 21, 2009

beirut art center arte east isbirligiyle sunar: anywhere but now

Anywhere but Now
Symposium & Screenings on Landscapes of Belonging in the Eastern Mediterranean
Film Screenings co-presented by Arte East
April 2-4, 2009
Beirut Art Center – Corniche An-Nahr / Jisr Al-Wati
The lands along the eastern Mediterranean rim and beyond are still mired in violence long after the end of the last World War. The nation-state’s struggle for ownership of territory and hegemonic identity continues with protracted wars, upwardly spiraling numbers of refugees, generations of stateless persons, ‘trapped’ populations, burnt and flattened villages, crumbling and emptied city-quarters, silenced and over-written histories. This event examines what is obscured by the shallow surface or ensnared within/out the borders and boundaries of the nation-space by reflecting upon dynamics of exclusion, senses of ‘home’, sediments of movement, trajectories of everyday living, maps of memory, ‘impossible’ identity and genealogies of catastrophic loss. Through the interventions of international scholars and a thematic selection of videos and films, this event trawls beneath the visible landscape for that which constantly unsettles the ever-fragile sense of ‘now’.
- With international scholars Mohamed Kamel Doraï, Nadia Latif, Eleni Myrivili, Marc Nichanian, Arzu Öztürkmen, Julie Peteet, Kirsten Schulze, Nazan Ustundag
- Screening of “Forget Baghdad” (Samir), “I Soldier & The Flag / Bayrak” (Köken Ergun), “North… the Fourth Direction” (Juan Hamdo), “A Day from Home” (Samar Kanafani), “Life After the Fall” (Kasim Abid & Maysoon Pachachi), “Journey to the Sun” (Yeşim Ustaoğlu), “Pasolini P* Palestine” (Ayreen Anastas), “Do You Remember Sarajevo” (Sead and Nihad Kresevljaković), Salata Baladi (Nadia Kamel).
Opening Event (April 2):
Author’s Reading from the novel “The fake Indian” by Iraqi author Abbas Khider (in Arabic)
Screening of “Forget Baghdad ” by Samir, followed by a dialogue between Ella Shohat and Naeim Giladi, moderated by Rasha Salti
Simultaneous Translation (English/Arabic) available for all sessions

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