Saturday, October 31, 2009

vice de form gets marcel duchamp prize

Saâdane Afif winner of the Prix Marcel Duchamp 2009 for the project Vice de Forme : In Search of Melodies (FIAC 2009 Cour Carrée - galerie Michel Rein 22.10-28.11.09).
Saâdane Afif presents Vice de Forme : In Search of Melodies (2009) , the result of a formal and musical research. To create this sculpture, Vice de Forme, the artist chose to reconstruct the dialogue between a caricature of a nuclear power plant by Reiser (1974) and the suggestive work by Man Ray entitled Presse Papier à Priape (1920) completed with song lyrics by 12 artists, musicians, writers, and art critics written for the work.
With Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, on the piano, the artist sought possible accompaniment for each. These rough snippets of songs form the base of this new work presented at the gallery Michel Rein, played for the first time at the private view and truthfully recorded by a mechanical instrument.
The piano, nth of these sculptural vanities defying time, continues to inhabit the space, rendering in loop these odes, offered to the Vice de Forme; the muse-object. Winded by the live performance, this melancholic sculpture with its elementary forms will spin for the duration of the exhibition.

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