Tuesday, October 2, 2007

LIST published in TA NEA, Athens

The List has been published in its complete form in "TA NEA" newspaper, on September 28.

As a collaboration with the 1st Athens Biennale and TA NEA the List has been published in its complete form of 16 pages and distributed as a supplement in the Greek daily newspaper on September 28th.

The List is a project that was started in 2003 as collaboration between the artist Banu Cennetoglu and curator Huib Haye van der Werf. The List itself is a document, which contains the names of more than 8855 (known) refugees who died within, or on the borders of Europe. It is compiled by the organization UNITED for Intercultural Action. During a previous installment in March 2007 The List was displayed as a poster campaign in 110 outdoor advertising signs throughout the city of Amsterdam.

For more info about Amsterdam display : www.the-list.info

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