Monday, December 3, 2007

istanbul'da oluyor bilgisini makedonya'dan topluyoruz

eipcp'nin transform sayfasinda okuyunca bu ne ola diye bir arastirma yaptim. istanbul'da dogu avrupa ve ortadogu kultur ureticilerinin katildigi buyuk bir toplanti yapilmis british council'in organizasyonuyla 24 – 27 Kasim 2007'de. bilgisini ancak makedonya british council'in sayfasindan bulabildim. turkiye'den kimler katildi bilmiyorum, umarim 2010 ekibi degildir. her gun contemporary istanbul haberi okuyacagima boyle onemli toplantilar hakkinda bilgilenmeyi tercih ederim acikcasi.

mesele su imis:

The Space - Creating The Space in up to twenty cities in the region where the first three strands of activity come together and interconnect.

The very next activity is a unique British Council event called “The Space” which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 24 – 27 November 2007. Macedonia will be represented by two delegates. Central to this event will be the use of Open Space Technology – a lively and interactive method of stimulating dialogue and learning – where participants set the agenda and deal with their most important issues. This is an extremely dynamic way of discussing difficult questions and turning talk into action in a very short space of time.

We’ve asked Lee Simpson of the internationally renowned and award-winning UK theatre company, Improbable – who are pioneers in the use of Open Space Technology in the arts in the UK – to facilitate the event in Istanbul and to help us explore our central question of “How Can We Work Together to Achieve Our Goals?” Improbable have facilitated “Open Space” events for major clients including the Arts Council in England and the London International Festival of Theatre and are thrilled to be playing a part in our new regional initiative.

The beauty of “The Space” is that none of us know where it will lead but we all stand to benefit from the creative energies that it will release

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