Monday, March 31, 2008

New Feminism. World of Feminism, Queer and Networking Conditions

"New Feminism. World of Feminism, Queer and Networking Conditions."
edited by Marina Grzinic and Rosa Reitsamer, published by Löcker
Verlag, Vienna, 2008.

The presentation of the book will consist of statements by the writers

MAIZ (Rubia Salgado) and Klub Zwei (Jo Schmeiser) /
Eva Egermann and Kati Morawek /
Lisa Rosenblatt /
Marty Huber /
Katherina Miko and Karin Sardadvar
the editors Marina Grzinic and Rosa Reitsamer

Moderation: Eva Blimlinger

The book with 41 contributions by 60 theoreticians, artists,
activists (474 pages) is an anthology that presents and constructs a
configuration of acting and fighting for New Feminism by feminists,
lesbians and queers. New Feminism opens the discussion on the most
internal changes of feminism today, asking what are the conditions
within global capitalism that inform and reshape its concepts,
paradigms and statements in relation to labor, migration, capital
and democracy. Claiming that a territory wider than just first world
capitalism exists, we ask in the book for an urgent introduction
into feminist theory and practice of questions, topics and agendas
that react against wo/men trafficking, the forces of migration and
bare lives, and reflect on possible new mode(l)s of their
representation and articulation. New Feminism is a term that tries,
firstly, to break the simple continuity in the feminist movement
and, secondly, to re-engage new agencies and topics within the

If we are to establish a new genealogy, it has to be done outside
the known pattern of translation from unknown territories to the
well-known international arena, from unknown spaces into a known
vocabulary. We decided to get rid of such a process, asking
precisely those who already engage in their own spaces to formulate
and reflect on this engagement, and to speak out. Even more, we
asked them not to describe the state of things inside to those
outside, giving just a "picture" of the territory, but rather to
propose a politically engaged break with the one and only history
and present of feminism. We asked them to question the already
established mainstream history, vocabulary and signifying processes
of feminism. The idea was to present a "declaration" of very
important signatures and positions, which should no longer be
perceived as a geographical extravaganza, but instead as a clear re-
politicization of the movement of feminism. (Marina Grzinic / Rosa

WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse
Währingerstraße 59, 2. Stiege, erster Stock, 1090 Wien

The event was co-organized by Post-conceptual Art Practices / IBK at
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

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