Monday, May 5, 2008

Els Vanden Meersch: Excluded Interiors

Manif d'art 4, the biennial of Québec,
La Chambre Blanche
presents the site specific installation :
Els Vanden Meersch
Excluded Interiors

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, in a third participation in the biennial organized by the Québec international art manifestation inspired by the theme “The encounter”, proudly present excluded interiors, a site-specific installation by the Belgium artist Els Vanden Meersch, from May 16th to June 15th 2008.

Els Vanden Meersch is interested in architecture and in the ways certain structures reveal psychological intends. She pursuits her researches at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE with Excluded Interiors, an installation constructed through strategies of assembly and filing images thus proposing an environment of free association leading to a subjective reinterpretation of history. In the gallery, the encounter of two spaces set a dialogue with the spectator. The obscurity welcomes the projection of a series of images made up of the interiors of Prora. These images, linked to a tormented past, answer to an obsessive photographic assembly.
Disposed in an immaculate booth, hundred of images of both historical and contemporary dehumanized interiors leave us to a disturbing void. The encounter between the scenes marked by the absence and the past offers the spectators the possibility of leaving their personal and cultural memory to produce their own version of history.

28 April - 15 June 2008
Opening 16 May
Meeting on Friday 23 May 20h

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