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after no connection days, news from friends first 1968-1989: summer seminar with Claire Bishop

Aby obejrzec ilustaracje, wlacz podglad obrazow.

1968-1989: summer seminar with Claire Bishop Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 28-30 July 2008

1968-1989 is a three-day seminar that attempts to investigate two key moments of political upheaval in terms of their impact upon the production and reception of art in Eastern Europe. Was 1968 in Eastern Europe the same watershed that it was in Western Europe? Should we consider 1989 to be a more decisive break and having more far-reaching consequences?

One of the starting points for the seminar is the widely differing experiences of artists in Eastern Europe under communism: each country produced its own variant of official cultural policy, and produced different forms of artistic response to the dominant aesthetic of administered everyday life. Each country endured its own specific matrix of political restrictions that did or did not enable contact between Eastern centres and their Western counterparts. The seminar aims to compare and clarify these differences, paying close attention to the examination of specific works in particular contexts, revolving around the central question: how does political change manifest itself in works of art?

Mon 28 July Internationalism
10.00 Claire Bishop, Joanna Mytkowska
10.30-12.30 session one: Stevan Vukovic, Natasa Ilic, Attila Tordai - S, Georg Schollhammer 14.30-17.00 session two: Anka Ptaszkowska, Paweł Polit, Kathrin Rhomberg

Tue 29 July Participation
10.30-12.30 session three: Vit Havranek, Lukasz Ronduda
14.30-17.00 session four: Tomas Pospiszyl, Artur Zmijewski, Grzegorz Kowalski
screening: Ania Molska, OWOW, 2007

Wed 30 July Exhibitions and Institutions
10.00-13.00 session five: Gabriela Switek, Borut Vogelnik, Piotr Piotrowski
14.30-17.00 session six: Ana Janevski, Charles Esche
general discussion, summary and synthesis by Claire Bishop

Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie
ul. Panska 3
00-124 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 596 40 10
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