Saturday, September 20, 2008

Electric Palm Tree Open Circuit #1: Yogyakarta

Electric Palm Tree (EPT)
Open Circuit #1: Yogyakarta

Open Circuit #1: Yogyakarta is a gathering of artists, curators, writers
and other cultural producers from different parts of the world, aiming to
analyze ways of approaching various local social and cultural contexts.
Open Circuit is a central project of Electric Palm Tree’s first year of
existence, sharing its interests in comparatively looking at different
(regional) discourses on the socio-political transformations in the world
of the last decades and at new intellectual and artistic vocabularies
describing encounters of difference. The work in Yogyakarta is set to be
the basis for an exhibition next March at SMBA Amsterdam.

Open Circuit #1: Yogyakarta consists of closed door workshops and a series
of public program, Nocturnal Ngabuburit, which take place in different
venues across Yogyakarta. Please consult the program and do join us! For
more information on Open Circuit #1, please contact the coordinator Grace
Samboh at:

Electric Palm Tree is a long-term project for artistic and intellectual
practice that focuses on issues related to the politics of culture in the
current global society, developed by the curators Kyongfa Che, Binna Choi
and Cosmin Costinas.

Open Circuit #1: Yogyakarta
Public program

23 September | JNM | 07.00 PM

Welcome by KPH Wironegoro

EPT in Yogyakarta, introductory presentation by EPT curators

Distance, screening of the films compiled & introduced by Hafiz

Jogja National Museum
Jl. Amri Yahya 1, Gampingan [+62(274)586105]

24 September | KKF | 07.00 PM

Musafir, presentation on the project in progress on the notion of mobility
by ruangrupa (Ade Darmawan & Reza Afisina)

Franz Kafka Metamorphosis meets the theory of the political
transformation, an audio-visual event on the notion of transformation by
Vit Havranek & Zbynek Baladran

Intervention by Agung Kurniawan

Kedai Kebun Forum
Jl. Tirtodipuran 3 [+62(274)376114]

25 September | IVAA | 07.00 PM

World of Occupations, talk based on a home-made booklet “World of
Occupations” with Gonzales International (Sabi Yoon & Minja Ku)

Do what you want if you want as you want, screening of the latest video
works by Tadasu Takamine

Desert Island Blues, talk & screening on psychological profile of the
castaway as a concept of an ancient fear: that of eternal loneliness by
Heman Chong

Hosted by Farah Wardani & Pitra Hutomo

Indonesian Visual Arts Archive
Jl. Patehan Tengah 37 [+62(274)375247]

26 September | KCSC | 07.00 PM

No False Echoes, screening of the latest films by Wendelien van Oldenborgh

Nationalism & Technology, a panel discussion after screening

Moderated by Nurani Juliastuti

KUNCI Cultural Studies Center
Jl. Nagan Lor 17 [+62(274)414231]

27 September | CAH | 07.00 PM

Liminal Space, presentation on a collaborative project by Galit Eilat

Trenchant Stances, presentation by Eileen Legaspi & conversation with Ade

Moderated by Nindityo Adipurnomo

Cemeti Art House
Jl. D.I. Panjaitan 41 [+62(274)371015]

28 September | JNM | 07.00 PM
Narrative of Random Images, thoughts after the closed door workshop

Exercise in Movement, workshop for improvising movement with Sung Hwan Kim

Viva Los Amigos/Amigo Del Mal Tiempo (a friend in need is a friend
indeed), performance by Reza Afisina

Moderated by EPT curators

Jogja National Museum
Jl. Amri Yahya 1, Gampingan [+62(274)586105]

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