Friday, May 8, 2009

Dia Hires Yasmil Raymond as Curator

Neler goruyoruz neler. Dun Phillipe dedikodu olmasin diye aksamustu toplantisiyla duyurdu Dia'nin yeni kuratorunu. Dia'da Lynne'le calisan son trainee olmak serefi bana kismetmis. Ote yandan boyle degisimleri kurumun icinden gozlemek baska turlu bir beslenme bicimi. Dia'da Mosyo Vergne yeni takimini kurarken herkes heyecanli, merakla yeni adimi bekliyor.

The Dia Art Foundation has announced that it has hired Yasmil Raymond, associate curator of visual arts at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, as its curator, Carol Vogel reports for the New York Times. Raymond will replace Lynne Cooke, who has overseen Dia’s curatorial programs since 1991.

A year ago, Cooke became the deputy director and chief curator at the Reina Sofía in Madrid. When she accepted the job in Spain, she said she planned to divide her time between the institutions, but that has become increasingly difficult. Cooke is not leaving Dia altogether, however: She will be its curator at large. “I asked Lynne not to cut the umbilical cord,” said Philippe Vergne, Dia’s new director. “She has such an important history with the institution.”

Until the museum finds a New York home, Raymond, thirty-one, will oversee its temporary and permanent installations at Dia:Beacon, its Hudson River outpost, and organize exhibitions at sites like the Hispanic Society of America. “We need a full-time curator,” said Vergne. “Someone to think about the next five to ten years at Dia.” In hiring Raymond, Vergne is bringing in one of his own. When he joined Dia in September, he had been the Walker’s deputy director. “Yasmil has developed a strong voice,” he said. “She is young, someone who comes to Dia with a different point of view, a different culture.” Asked what progress Dia was making in finding a home in New York, he responded, “We’re getting closer every day.”

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