Sunday, November 18, 2007


New Prospects on Ambiguous Grounds: Turkish Cinema Now

ArteEast has teamed up with Altyazi monthly cinema magazine based in Istanbul to present a special issue on contemporary Turkish cinema, composed of essays that highlight significant tendencies and propose a broad picture to understand recent advents in Turkish cinema. Authored by the editorial board members of Altyazi, the essays offer a thematic and contextual framework on issues such as the new blockbusters, auteur filmmaking, the search for identity in city and province, the questions of nation and nationalism and film culture in contemporary Turkey. Altyazi’s special CinemaEast issue is the first extensive publication on new Turkish cinema put together by Turkish film critics for international festival audiences.

Edited by Ovgu Gokce Produced by Ovul Durmusoglu in coordination with Nadir Operli

Special thanks to Firat Yucel

and the writers

Enis Kostepen, Zeynep Dadak, Gozde Onaran, Senem Aytac, Berke Gol, Firat Yucel

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