Monday, October 6, 2008

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Free movement and residency rights for everyone!
Exhibition and solidarity event

opening 09.10.2008, 7 p.m.exhibition 10.10.2008 - 12.10.2008
venue studio house at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Lehárgasse 8, 1060 Vienna, room M1, 1st floor, hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On the occasion of the day of decentralised action for “open borders for everyone!” on October 10th 2008 the department for (post)conceptual art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna invites to an exhibition and/as solidarity event on illegalisation and the right to stay”.
Who has access to Austrian universities? Who is enabled to be “creative” and “mobile” in an academic context? To what extent is international exchange of knowledge possible and allowed?

The Austrian "alien's law package", which is in force since 1st of January 2006, illegalizes people who do not possess an EU/EEA-Passport and drastically confines their (residency) rights. For those entering Austria through so-called "third countries", it is extremely difficult to obtain visas. The Settlement and Residence Law allows only temporary residence for artists and scientists without EU/EWR passports. Only those who can prove "special achievements" (which are not clearly defined) are excepted from this restrictive regulations.
This involves not only tremendous stress throughout the restrictive application procedure, but applicants are constantly exposed to the "every-day racism" that structures the life of non-Austrian citizens. This means that they are constantly exposed to disqualification and in many cases they are under extreme, sometimes lethal, (police) violence.

At the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, several students were or are affected by the so-called "alien's law package".

- racist "alien´s police laws" (Fremdenrechtspaket)!
- regulations and restrictions for citizens of so-called "third countries"!

Asylum rights
Residency rights - not, only, but also for artists and scientists!
Residency rights for (married) partners of Austrian citizens!
Rights to stay and reside in Austria, for everyone!
Rights for everyone to freely decide where to live!

The Department for (post)conceptual art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is announcing the opening of an exhibition through a solidarity statement AGAINST Illegalization and FOR free movement and residency rights!

Opening on the 9th October 2008, 19:00 h Room M1 (1st floor), Lehargasse 8, 1060 Wien in the framework of the central action day for free movement and residency rights on the 10th October 2008 Duration of the exhibition: from 10th October until 12th October 2008

Lisa Bolyos/Annegang, Manuela Bojadžijev/Serhat Karakayalı, Annalisa Cannito, Emanuel Danesch, Petja Dimitrova, Lina Dokuzović, Marina Gržinić/Aina Šmid, Driton Hajredini, Muzaffer Hasaltay, Ana Hoffner, Christoph Kolar, Lisbeth Kovačič, Petja Dimitrova/ Daniela Koweindl/ Eva Votava, Maria Krisper, Lisa Lnenicka, Mara, Sinan Mollahasanov, Patrick Schabus, Ronja Vogl, Tilman Otto Wagner, Katarina Zdjelar.
Participants of the workshop "Schengen (z)erstellen".

Participants of the project "No! Against racism, exploitation and colonization!" (Pavelhaus, Jun-September 2008): Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur/Belinda Kazeem and The Black Research Group on Austrian Presence and History, Oliver Ressler, Kanak Attack, Petra Gerschner, Rana Bishara, Siniša Ilić, Staš Kleindienst/Sebastjan Leban,, Evren Uzer/Otto von Busch.

Participants of the project "comments on racism" (KKP at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in coooperation with Martin Krenn): Lukas Karl Richard Frankenberger, Jasmina Hirschl, Eva-Maria Lausegger/Petra Mallek, Elisabeth Panholzer, Georg Philipp Leopold Sturmlechner/Robert Zimmermann, Daniela Tagger, Stéphanie Ternes.

further information: day of decentralised action, Friday 10th October 2008

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