Thursday, October 16, 2008

bugünkü berlin programımız

Nanna Heidenreich: choreographed, placed, framed

how does one choose what to screen? In this case the selection started with (UN)SICHTBARE ARBEIT, by Andrea Keiz, -- an 'Invisible' work which shows the backstage, or the invisible part of choreography and staging. Another work in this program: A/C, by Philip Scheffner, begins with sound recordings, between Bombay and Berlin elaborating moments of (a)syncronicity between image and sound to develop its own narration. And then the image disappears entirely: pictures, 'art' on the walls of people's appartments, gone shortly before the house will be demolished, mere apparitions, but more visible then they ever have been in the piece entitled KUHBERGFÜHRUNG by Doro Carl. Azin Feizabadi reframes a photograph of his grandfather: what does it show and how does it travel through time? He prays for eternity - NIYAYESH – A CONVERSATION WITH EBRAHIM SHAHROUDI. Maya Schweizer's FROM THE CLASSROOM finds a stolen moment on youtube – a choreography of a moment of bliss, and the story of an everyday journey. And then the choreography of history: SOMETIMES YOU FIGHT FOR THE WORLD, SOMETIMES YOU FIGHT FOR YOURSELF by Renate Lorenz and Pauline Boudry. Singing music history, 'her'story (Flying Lizards), film history (Jack Smith) and the story of exoticism. An appropriation of the economy of love and the glamour of economy. With Arantxa Martinez and Antonia Baehr.

Andrea Keiz and Philip Scheffner will be present

Nanna Heidenreich, Berlin
(arsenal experimental – // kanak attak –

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