Tuesday, June 9, 2009

open call from meir tati

meir'in isini gecegezenler programinda gostermistim. simdi digital art center holon'da ilginc bir proje yapiyormus. acik cagrisi asagida. ilgilenenlere...

Artists from Israel and around the world are invited to respond to the subject of propaganda with visual images (in A4 format) and texts from various genres such as narrative fiction, poetry, philosophy and others. The selected works will first be exhibited in the Digital Art Center in a dynamic exhibition space that will also provide the venue for a model airplane building workshop for children and teens. Later on the works will be dropped from a UAV over public areas (such as a busy park). In this way the art project reacts to the typical characteristics of the modern-day world, a world steeped in paranoia, psychological warfare, and deliberate disinformation of government, army and other factors.
The project title – “Art Force 1” – is an ironic paraphrase of “Air Force 1”- the plane used by the
President of the United States. This title was chosen because it questions the power of the international contemporary art world in comparison with that of countries and global superpowers. Can an object of art constitute an act of propaganda? Can it serve as a tool for propaganda? What does it advocate and on whose behalf does it do so? Can/may contemporary art still create a meaningful statement in the skeptical culture of the modern world? Is art an inner, self-contained dialogue or can it offer a chance for collaboration, for cultural activism and for an open, alternative, international debate using the internet culture?

Deadline July 15, 2009
Images can be sent to The Israeli Center for Digital Art
c/o Meir Tati, 16 Yirmiyahu Street, 58835 Holon, Israel
By fax ++972 3 558 0003
Or e-mail: tatimeir@gmail.com

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