Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Painter Hangs Own Paintings

On Tuesday I hung my painting(s) at the Heiner Friedrich gallery in SoHo. Really it's one painting with 83 parts. Each part is 52 inches by 76 inches and they are all sort of the same except for the colors. I called them 'Shadows' because they are based on a photo of a shadow in my office. It's a silk screen that I mop over with paint.
I started working on them a few years ago. I work seven days a week. But I get the most done on weekends because during the week people keep coming by to talk.
The painting(s) can't be bought. The Lone Star Foundation is presenting them and they own them.
Someone asked me if they were art and I said no. You see, the opening party had disco. I guess that makes them disco decor.
This show will be all like others. The review will be bad- my reviews always are. But the reviews of the party will be terrific.
I had the painting(s) hung at eye level. Any lower and people would kick them, especially at the party. The only problem hanging the show was the gallery floor. One end of the gallery is a foot higher than the other.
But the kids helped me, and when we finished we all had lunch. I ate a pickle and drank some Evian and then some Perrier Jouet.
The gallery looked great. It's a simple, clean space. My Mao show was bigger but this is the biggest show I've had in New York City in a long time.
After we were finished, I took a walk with some friends. We stopped at Ivan Karp's gallery, O.K. Harris. He told me there are a lot of people now doing shadows in art. I didn't know that.
Then we crossed the street and went into Holly Solomon's gallery. I always like to see if the art across the street is better than mine.

Andy Warhol, 1979

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