Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ppps: Do you lick souls?

"The League Of Extraordinary Bastards" proudly presents:HEY BASTARD, TURN ME ON!‘CAUSE SOME THINGS MUST BREAK NOW!
A spectacular best of show, looking for golden loopholes, and working on becoming a wider wilder line.
Featuring Bastard League classics like Istan Kurd and Dora Diamanti, the Queen Of Eggs, the great Mapinguary, the Hairy Leg, and brand new sticky stuff from the Wild Diamond Gang.“The League Of Extraordinary Bastards” was assembled by Elke Auer and Esther Straganz in Sao Paulo, Brasil in 2008. A handful of monsters were recruited to deal with questions of normativity and desire, radically extended, stretched, knotted and fragmented bodies, subject constructions, and drag. Peng Bang
Duration: July 2 – July 31, at the perfectly wonderful VBKÖ Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs Maysedergasse 2 (4th floor)in 1010 VIENNATel: 01 - 513 64
In the meantime please
go crazy
be lazy
and forward wildly
Full of extra excited anticipation Elke Auer and Esther Straganz for “The League Of Extraordinary Bastards”
Ps: Secret Seitenblicke sources told us that it is quite likely that some monster celebrities like the Hairy Leg itself will grace the opening with their presence.
Pps: We are all mad here.
Ppps: Do you lick souls?

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