Saturday, February 6, 2010

now the paperback is out: network art

*Network Art: Practices and Positions* explores emerging artistic responses to a world enveloped by the information networks. In its pages an international group of leading theorists and artists describe how artists have used the internet, in the form of websites, mailing lists, installations and performance, to develop artworks that reflect upon the pervasive effects of a technology that has profoundly reordered social, economic and cultural institutions.

This book covers a period from the mid 1990s to the present day and includes key texts by historians and theorists such as Charlie Gere, Josephine Bosma, Tilman Baumgartel and Sarah Cook, side by side with descriptions of important projects by The Yes Men, Thomson and Craighead, Lisa Jevbratt and amongst many others. Fully illustrated throughout, Network Art represents one of the first substantial attempts to place major artist's writings on network art alongside those of critics, curators and historians. In doing so it develops a unique approach as it offers the first comprehensive attempt at understanding network art practice rooted in concrete descriptions of the systems and process of making it.

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