Monday, November 24, 2008

videozone 4 (CCA Tel Aviv)+ koken ergun's tanklove lecture

meet the artist series:
koken ergun presenting tanklove
guy ben ner, hito steyerl, yael bartana and koken ergun on their video collective AFAVA.

Opening of Videozone 4 at the Israeli Center for Digital Art
VideoZone4, The 4th International Video Art Biennial in Israel will open on Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 8:00 p.m., at the Israeli Center for Digital Art with the exhibition "Speed of Ligh", featuring artists: Romy Achituv, Neil Beloufa, Ohad Fishof, Mark Formanek with Datenstrudel, Leigh Orpaz, the Sala-Manca collective, Guido van der Werve, Guy Bar Amotz.
Curators: Galit Eilat and Eyal Danon
The works in the exhibition"Speed of Light" explore time in the context of time-based art. Video, more than any other artistic medium, addresses and confronts "duration." The very fact that the viewer must observe the work from beginning to end, alongside the fact that a video work, much like a sound piece, has duration demands a different viewing mode than in works which are not operated by either analog, electronic or digital devices. Other works in the exhibition deal with acceleration and deceleration of time and movement, raising questions about time's modes of representation and the cultural and social meanings of our contemporary accelerated society

The new Internet-radio station of the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Radio Halas (, will be launched on opening night

Radio Halas broadcasts programs written by artists, musicians, intellectuals in various disciplines, activists, and critics, reflecting the ongoings in the local field of culture while emphasizing the importance of connecting with various fields operating in the area. The station is a unique, web-based meeting point for the creative wealth and diversity in Israel. It is intended as a channel of discovery, exposure, and contact, setting out to provide a public platform for artistic creation which is denied entry to the usual communication channels, to introduce new, original programs, and concurrently, to serve as archive for previous materials. The radio will operate as a virtual art center which will link the local and the global, while maintaining freshness in all processes of experimentation and investigation
Opening night will also feature the following performances, starting at 21:00, which will be broadcast live on Radio Halas:
Avi Baleli Trio; Uri Katzenstein; Binya Reches; Noam Rotem; Ohad Fishof; Eran Sachs; Assif Tzahar; "Gazezet" - Rani Zager & Nir Levi.

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