Thursday, July 2, 2009

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still study, broken kilometer, jaffa, video, 7'5", 2009 dafna shalom

The Space in Between, Outdoor Video Installation, 2nd + 9th of July, 2009
Inbal+Suzanne Dellal courtyard, Tel Aviv

Ronen Eidelman, Batya Argov, Yael Bartana, Doron Golan, Ela Zaharano,
Delight, Meir Tatti, Yuli Cohen, Itay Finkelstein, Yifat Libny, Sagit Geirman,
Tali Navon, Doron Solomons, Yael Omer, Dafna Shalom, Micha Simchon

The outdoor video installation address the space between black and white, between Tel Aviv “The white City” of Bauhaus modern Architecture and the complete surrender to European modernism, to Tel Aviv of the middle east, including Jaffa and the southern neighborhoods.
Here in Inbal, and Suzanne Dellal over the ruins of an old Girls school, at the dance center of Israel, on the seam between Tel Aviv and Jaffa right by Manshia neighborhood which was completely erased, another space is suggested- one which is not erasing its past.
A space that seeks, accepts, and suggests an image of Tel Aviv which is not completely white.

Curators Carmel Kimchi and Tali Navon
Wednesday 8th July at 20:00
Köken Ergun : 3 Films, Projects and Talk - at Mamuta
at the Daniela Passal Art & Media Center, Eldan Forum, Ein Karem, Madregot Habikur st, 58

Entrance Fee: 10 NIS(the presentation will be held in English)

Köken will show three video works: "I, Soldier (7’)", "Tanklove (8’)" and "Wedding (12’)" and he will talk about his research and project at Betselem archives, and how those materials relate to his own practice.
Koken Ergun, is a video artist born in Istanbul and working and living in Berlin at the present. His video works has been screened at several film festivals: Oberhausen, Rotterdam, Sydney, VideoZone and Zagreb Film Festival.
He is the 2007 recipient of the Tiger Award of the Rotterdam Film Festival for his short film The Flag.Koken studied acting at the İstanbul University and completed his postgraduate diploma degree in Classics at King's College London, followed by an MA degree in Visual Communication Design at the Bilgi University. After working with American theatre director Robert Wilson, Ergun became involved more with contemporary art, specifically video and performance. He has exhibited internationally at institutions including Platform Garanti (Istanbul), KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Arts (Helsinki), Sparwasser HQ (Berlin), Digital ArtLab (Tel Aviv), Museum of Contemporary Arts Taipei, Casino Luxembourg, Art in General (New York), and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam.
He is currently writing his PhD thesis at a joint research at the Istanbul University Theatre Department (Prof. Dikmen Gurun) and Freie Universitat Berlin Theatre Sciences Department (Prof. Erika Fischer-Lichte)
He is in Israel invited by the Digital Art Lab and has also been in residency at Mamuta at the Daniela Passal Art and Media Center.
Links to some of Koken Ergun works:

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