Thursday, July 16, 2009

no pictures allowed for the pictures generation exhibition 1974-1984

#1 Matt Mullican (American, b. 1951)Framed Section of an Angel's Wing, 1978Ink on paper; 23 5/8 x 29 3/4 in. (60 x 75.6 cm)Collection of Ann A. Wyatt

#2 Jack Goldstein (American, b. Canada, 1945–2003)A German Shepherd, from A Suite of Nine 7-Inch Records with Sound Effects, 1976Sound recordings on colored vinyl discsCollection of Paul McMahon

#3 James Casebere (American, b. 1953)Subdivision with Spotlight, 1982Gelatin silver print; 16 x 20 in. (40.6 x 50.8 cm)Collection of the artist

#4 Louise Lawler
Arranged by Donald Marron, Susan Brundage, and Cheryl Bishop at Paine Webber, Inc. is both deadpan and poignant. Unlike the trophy paintings and sculpture hung proudly in reception areas, this trio of Lichtenstein multiples is lower down on the value scale and thus suitable for the decor of an office. The pictures hover like flies vying for the attention of a pair of anonymous bankers who ignore the "art" while struggling to send a fax. Lawler's diminution of her role as an "author" is meant both to highlight the collaboration of others (here, Paine Webber CEO, Castelli Gallery rep, and corporate curator) and to direct the viewer outside the boundaries of the image and toward the real life of which art is always a part. It is unlikely, however, that any of the arrangers appreciated the irony that Lichtenstein's pictures, originally meant to acknowledge (with a wink) their own status as commodities, now adorned the walls of an office copy room. What Lawler reveals is that the meaning of the artwork lies not in its origins but in its destiny.

cumartesi gunu metropolitan museum'da the pictures generation sergisine gittim.
malumunuz the pictures generation 74-84 arasi aldiklari minimal kavramsal egitimle goruntu meselesini andy warhol bakisi uzerinden birlestirmis cindy sherman'li, barbara kruger'li, richard prince'li, matt mullican'li robert longo'lu barbara bloom'lu efsane bir kusak. douglas crimp zamaninda bu uretimi the pictures adi altinda artists space'de bir araya getiriyor. tabii bu serginin bugun metropolitan'da gerceklesmesi bu sanatcilarin islerini de tam anlamiyla muzelik yapiyor.
MFA sirasinda uzerine okudugum, paper yazdigim sanatcilarin islerini gormek iyi bir bilgi tazeleme de oldu aslinda. meshur untitled film stills'i ilk defa gordum cindy sherman'in ilk donem isleriyle. your gaze hits the side of my face meeting wonder woman meeting laurie simmons.
ama benim icin serginin yenilemeleri erken donem matt mullican, jack goldstein, louise lawler ve barbara bloom oldu. goldstein'in orijinal the pictures sergisine dahil edilmemis olan pop deneyi filmlerini bastan sona izledim. matt mullican antropolojisinin ilk hallerini gormek heyecan verdi. barbara bloom'un iyi yerlestirilmis posterleri sergiye yerinde mudahaleler yapiyordu. louise lawler'in yukarida gordugunuz "arranged by" islerine bir kere daha hayran olup, kurumsal elestiride artik oturan soylemin neden degismeyecegini bir kere daha anladim.
butun bunlarin uzerineyse dun aksam alexandre singh'in mnemonics, ikea, atli kahraman heykelleri, manzoni'nin kutulanmis boku, klein'in yerkuresi arasinda kurdugu kisisel yorum evrenini dinlemek cok keyifliydi. nedense kendisiyle jack goldstein arasinda derin bir bag hissettim.

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