Sunday, September 26, 2010

the jerusalem show

The Jerusalem Show (‘Ala Abwab Al Janna) is a novel and socially significant visual art event that is headed and organized by Al-Mamal Foundation for Contemporary Art and this year is featuring its fourth edition. The Show encompasses an exhibition of contemporary art works for Palestinian and international artists. Art projects and interventions are presented in indoor and outdoor venues and reflect on the spiritual, political, historical and cultural import of the city of Jerusalem. The Show is a unique action, promoting a re-reading of the city in creatively open, accessible and interactive manner.

The theme for the Jerusalem Show IV-2010 is Exhaustion. It is inspired by the prevailing state of apathy which is fuelled by Exhaustion, anger, helplessness, docility and alienation in one’s own town. Exhaustion describes best the widespread feeling amongst the majority of the inhabitants of the city. Be it the closure, the lack of any viable solution or even a political horizon, the crumbling economic conditions, the closing in of Palestinian residents through an orchestrated policy of confiscation, demolition, fines and taxation, all contribute to a state of insecurity and fear of the future. Nothing is offered, given or provided hence people revert to snatch, grab, jump the line, and most importantly break the atrocious laws, any laws even those that govern human relations. All this calls for some investigation, some probing and possibly uncovering and betrayal.

For the Jerusalem Show IV, 18 Palestinian and international artists were invited by Al-Mamal Foundation to think through the theme of Exhaustion in the context of the city and its environment, and to produce works that explore issues involved in the condition and feeling of Exhaustion which afflicts the whole of Palestinian society and is palpable in Jerusalem particularly. In addition, 11 young Palestinian artists were commissioned by al Hoash to produce new artworks to be presented in the framework of the Jerusalem Show.

Jerusalem Show Participating artists: Anonymous, Karim Abu Shakra, Moayed Amleh, Asad Azi, Mirna Bamieh, Taysir Batniji, Bahar Behbahani, Youmna Chlala and Jeannette Gaussi, Mohamad Fadel, Sarah Faruki, Issa Freij, Mohamad Hawajiri, Dima Hourani, Khaled Jarrar, Yazan Khalili, Martin Lebioda, Randa Madah, F. Zahir Mibineh, Ariane Michel, Nissrin Najjar, Michael Rakowitz, Rigo 23, Raeda Saadeh, Salama Safadi, Inass Yassin

Jerusalem Show performance events: Uriel Barthélémi, Vlatka Horvat, and Sabreen band (a Michael Rakowitz project).


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