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sense and sense- emily roysdon @ konsthall c


Emily Roysdon with MPA

15.9—24.10 2010

The New York based artist Emily Roysdon will present her first solo exhibition at Konsthall C in Stockholm. Sense and Sense is a project developed on site in Stockholm over the last six weeks. Emily Roysdon invited performance artist MPA (New York) to collaborate on a series of photographs and a video for the exhibition. For Sense and Sense Roysdon has worked with the relationship between use and regulation of public space.

–Through the years I have been exploring how political movements are represented, and it is because of this that I was attracted by Sergels torg as a place. In recent projects I have been connecting that to a wider understanding of choreography – choreography as organized movement in an aesthetic and political sense.

–What is so fascinating for me with Sergels torg is that it is a planned site for political protest. At the same time; when you approach the actual place and look down on it from the railing above, Sergels Torg turns into a panoptic place and an abstraction.

A second part of the exhibition is a wallpaper project installed in a number of different places in Stockholm, for instance the City Library.

This is Emily Roysdon’s first exhibition project in Sweden. In 2008 she was a resident at the International Artists Studio Program in Sweden (IASPIS), when she also presented the performance Work, Why, Why not at Weld, Stockholm.

Emily Roysdon (1977) is a New York and Stockholm based artist and writer. Her working method is interdisciplinary and recent projects take the form of choreography, photographic installations, printmaking, text, video, curating and collaborating. Roysdon recently developed the concept “ecstatic resistance” to talk about the impossible and imaginary in politics. The concept debuted with simultaneous shows at Grand Arts in Kansas City, and X Initiative in New York.

She is editor and co-founder of the queer feminist journal and artist collective, LTTR and she is a contributing member with the band MEN. In 2010 Roysdon’s work has been shown at the 2010 Whitney Biennial, Greater NY at PS1, Mixed Use: Manhattan at the Reina Sofia in Madrid and Bucharest Biennial 4. She is participating in Manifesta 8 and in December she will have her first solo show in the USA at Matrix, Berkeley Art Museum.

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