Thursday, April 10, 2008

utrecht'ten son durum

're-projecting (Utrecht)'

Ricardo Basbaum

Events 17 – 26 April

Exhibition opening 26 April, 15.00 at Casco

A drawing of an abstract shape was applied to the map of Utrecht determining nine locations for collaborative projects. In each location events will be conducted by invited artists, artists' groups, people from the local communities, thinkers, philosophers, curators, writers, etc, which take a variety of formats and durations, in many cases responding to the specificities of the location. Events will be realized almost every day, over ten days in April. These include Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum's 'Overvecht Zombiewalk', Steve Rushton's radio play, 'The Germ', a conversation with Simon Sheikh and Renger de Bruin about the public sphere in a private home, Mieke Van de Voort's game 'generale staten' about the spreading of a virus, and Ricardo Basbaum's 'Me & You, choreographies, games and exercises.' The events are linked through conceptual threads that Ricardo Basbaum has been using in his work over the last few years, such as notions of transformation, subliminal contact, the organic line, contact zones, microperception, repetition and the politics of the subject. All events are open to the public. A number of the events are open for participation, please see the schedule below for details.

Programme of events:
Events 1 – 4

Event 1: 'Word Play' Casper Fioole, Bart Bleijerveld, Gijs ter Haar Thursday 17 April, 16.00-18.00 Location: Bankaplein playground, Lombok, Utrecht Word play with slam poets In collaboration with Expodium and students from DAI and HKU

Event 2: 'generale staten' Mieke Van de Voort Friday, 18 April, 14.00 – 16.00 Location: Former Opel Showroom, Admiraal Helfrichlaan 6-8, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht A participatory game that imagines the spread of a virulent pandemic RSVP to participate*

Event 3: Overvecht Zombiewalk Klaas van Gorkum, Iratxe Jaio Saturday, 19 April, 14.00 Location: Starts at Buurthuis Transit, Moldaudreef, Overvecht, Utrecht Zombies will spread from the Buurthuis Transit to the area of the Overvecht shopping centre. More info: RSVP to participate*

Event 4: 'Me & You, choreographies, games and exercises' Ricardo Basbaum, Christiane de Morais Smith Lehner, Mario Campanella Sunday, 20 April, 15.00 – 18.00 Location: Giraffedreef, Overvecht, Utrecht A series of participatory games and choreographies that play with the personal pronouns 'me' and 'you' that are worn on t-shirts of the participants. Accompanied by talks on diagrams and theorethical physics by Christiane de Morais Smith Lehner, and on pedestrian flows by Mario Campanella. Further events:
Event 6: Tuesday, 22 April, 20.00: 'The Germ' by Steve Rushton
Event 7: Wednesday 23 April, 20.00: 'Public and Private Spheres' Mariëtte Eijdems, Simon Sheikh, Renger de Bruin
Event 8: Saturday 26 April, 15.00: Exhibition opening and discussion amongst project participants
Event 9: Saturday 26 April, 18.00-21.00: Samba and BBQ
Please see for further information *To find out about participating in any of the above-mentioned events please contact Magali Meijers:
Office for Art, Design and Theory
Nieuwekade 213-215
3511 RW Utrecht
the Netherlands

T/F: +31(0)30 2319995
opening hours: Tue - Sun 12am - 6pm

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