Friday, February 8, 2008

Something RAW- with Rudi Laermans

"Choreographers are more and more ready to be guided by film. Not so much that they take film as their departure but they use the lens of the camera to look at everyday life. The makers have come to the realization that everything we see has been seen through the eye of a camera. performances are created that make use of a play, fast forward and delete button. And the audience is equally familiar with looking at the world not directly but via film or TV so they are not going to be worried by it. But should dance still be performed live?"

Rudi Laermans, professor of cultural sociology and sociological theory at the University of Leuven
Mette Ingvartsen, choreographer
Andrea Bozic, choreographer
Jan de Bruin, director of documentaries
Jelle Bouwhuis, curator of Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam
Ian White, critic and curator

A RAW debate with sociologist Rudi Laermans
Saturday, 9th February, 15:00 pm in Frascati 2, Nes 63

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