Thursday, February 28, 2008

yeri gelmisken

the post-yugoslavian condition of institutional critique

Against the background of a more general enquiry into artistic and political institutional critique in the project transform, the current issue of the eipcp web journal transversal undertakes a specific survey of the territory of ex-Yugoslavia. The starting points of post-Yugoslavian institutional critique are based on partly shared experiences from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and the neoliberal transformation processes of the past twenty years. Yet they also fan out into a multitude of breaks, discontinuities and dislocations, depending on the different positions in these neoliberal/neocolonial processes that have developed in the geographies between Croatia and Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo, Bosnia and Slovenia.


Damir Arsenijević
: Against Opportunistic Criticism
Sezgin Boynik
: The Principle of Secrecy and the Difficulty of Institutional Critique in Kosovo
Ljubomir Bratić
: On the Question of the Transformation of the Elite in Eastern Europe
Boris Buden
: The post-Yugoslavian Condition of Institutional Critique: An Introduction. On Critique as Countercultural Translation
Ana Dević
: To criticize, charge for services rendered, and be thanked
Dušan Grlja / Jelena Vesić, Prelom kolektiv
: The Neoliberal Institution of Culture and the Critique of Culturalization
Marina Gržinić
: Euro-Slovenian Necrocapitalism
Leonardo Kovačević / Vesna Vuković
: The Landscape of Post-transformation Institutions in Zagreb and their Political Impact
Suzana Milevska
: Internalisation of the Discourse of Institutional Critique and its Unhappy Consciousness
Stevan Vuković
: Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will. Institutional Critique in Serbia and its Lack of Organic References

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