Monday, June 9, 2008

curiosity-to-survive fm: unofficial and incomplete dayreport from data recovery

no 1: ovul introducing john barlow and his bahamas travel journal at the opening as part of "gone offshore" -produced for data recovery- on the stage designed by goldin+senneby and co'
no 2: my coordinator bruna roccasalva in discussion with some installers
no 3: susanne kriemann at work on her installation "12650000".
no 4: simone bader and jo schmeiser (klub zwei) constructing their bench for their video installation "vaeter taeter"
no 5: after the opening -ornella is listening to the live recording of our conversation with john barlow
no 6: outside shot- banu cennetoglu's whitely illuminated "determined barbara"
no 7: general shot of julie ault and martin beck's mural "information" in front susanne kriemann's "12650000"
no 8: under construction- michael blum's video installation "the three failures"
no 9-10: detail from "12650000" produced for data recovery.

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