Wednesday, June 4, 2008

support signal!!!

signal has been malmö's most important independent initiative. with their archive of malmoe based artists, with their good exhibition and seminar programs. now they are on the edge of closing down. malmö's contemporary art scene lost a lot after rooseum, signal should stay and go on!


Dear friends, collegues and audience

We would like to start by thanking you all for the fantastic year 2007 and spring 2008 embodying a most diverse and exciting program featuring international artists including Adam Chodzko and Lisi Raskin; the Evening Salon at Signal guested by artists, poets, dancers, filmmakers and historians; the formation of Malmo’s own Complaints Choir together with the artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen; and the exhibition TWENTYFOURSEVEN that examined current labour policies. Furthermore we were happy to host the Iaspis recidency of artist, curator and writer Julie Ault with whom we developed the exhibition Wet and Wild: The Spirit of Sister Corita, about the outstanding artist, printmaker and nun Corita Kent. Signal recently presented the exhibition What’s in it for You? Plenty! The practice of Sister Corita at JET in Berlin and our current exhibition To Square Light features among others the artist Morgan Fisher.

Petition in support of Signal!
Signal has gained a wide recognition nationally as well as internationally for the ambitious program presented over the years, but is now facing an uncertain future.

Due to unsufficient public funding Signal will be forced to close down in 2009. We don´t want this to happen and therefore ask for your support.

We hope that you would like to sign this petition and would be greatful to receive a few words stating why the
program and activities of Signal are important.

Please send your name and support statement to:

Thank you!

Carl Lindh, Emma Reichert, Fredrik Strid, Elena Tzotzi


Södra Skolgatan 31. Entrance: Barkmansgatan
S - 214 22 Malmö
+46 (0)40 979210

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