Sunday, June 22, 2008

"gone offshore" for data recovery- john barlow in conversation with övül durmusoglu -29/05/08

(photos by: Antonio Maniscalco)

Stockholm-based Goldin+Senneby define themselves as a framework for collaboration between artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby dedicated to exploring notions of economic fiction and immaterial place. Working actively since 2005, they – demanding refreshed terminology for discursivity and research process- are engaged in an ongoing research practice, revealing its different steps at different places in various formats within an expanded time span. They claim that Looking for Headless is a process of constructing fiction and, at the same time, having the narrative play into the domain of the factual. What Goldin+Senneby stage operates as a catalyser creating the communicative, contextual, and most importantly, “performative” space of Data Recovery. It appears as a gesture of writing a meta-language for performative knowledge production, reframing fiction and the real and cross-texturing the fictitious non-spaces. Goldin+Senneby commissioned the writer John Barlow to write a crime mystery about investigation into an offshore company in the Bahamas called Headless Ltd. And sent him to Bahamas to conduct the research for them. Barlow wrote a fictionalized travel journal about his findings and/or lack of findings in Bahamas, which will be a chapter of the novel Looking for Headless- a crime mystery based on Goldin+Senneby’s research process. And it will be Barlow himself, instead of Goldin+Senneby, coming to the opening at Gamec to be on stage with me, the curator of the project, talking about his Bahamas experience “looking for Headless”.

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