Wednesday, April 1, 2009

support squatters in the netherlands

Dear People,
Stop the anti squat law! Squatting will continue!
Dutch government wants to make squatting illegal. This time it is more> serious than it ever was in the last years, because an proposal for an actual law has been made. However, the government still has to vote over it.
The anti squat law will be discussed in the House of Commons (Tweede> Kamer) before the summer. Right now the majority of the House of Commons will vote in favor of the anti squat law. If the law is agreed upon by the House of Commons, the House of Representatives (Eerste> Kamer) will have to vote as well. In the worst case, when both Houses agree, squatting could be illegal in January 2010!
But you can help to stop this law!
In Rotterdam some people started with the initiative to start a petition against the anti squat law. They tried to make the petition as complete as possible, naming all the arguments against the anti squat law. You can read the>> text (right now only> in Dutch) on>>>
But more important: You can sign the petition! Because if we want the government to take the petition seriously, we need a lot a lot of signatures.You will be asked for your name, city where you live and email. You can also choose to not publish your name on the website, then you have to remove the little x. After this you will get an email to actually activate your signature (it is not valid if you don't activate). Then you will be asked for your date of birth, place of birth and occupation. You don't have to fill it in, but when you do, only your occupation will be published, not your date or place of birth. This is used to give the petition more body (to prove it is not one person signing 10.000 times). Don't sign with "squatter" or something like it, cause the government will not take those signatures seriously, so it won't help.

What can you do right now?> - Sign the petition at> - Ask all of your friends/collegues/class mates/ family members tosign as well
- Help to find organizations that want to support the petition (you can find a list of the organizations already supporting at> met_steun_van.htm)
>> If you have any questions:

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